Holidays With VJ. STING!


December is known as the busiest month of the year for some of us, the holidays are in full swing and most of us are hosting cocktail parties and family get togethers. Entertaining can be stressful as the pressure is on to keep up with the Gordan Ramsy's of our social circles. A great way to impress your guests without all the fuss is to simply add 'Vj Stingh Gourmet Pepper Sauce' to any dips or spreads you may be incorporating into your appetizer menu.

Here are a few Suggestions that are sure to liven up your event:

                               - Guacamole

                               - Salsa

                              - Olive Oil (for bread dipping)

                              - Tzatziki Sauce

                              - Hummus,

                              - Cheese Dip

                              - Shrimp Dip

                              - Plum Sauce

                             - Marmalades/Jams




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